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The 2006 NBA Draft will take place in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 28, 2006.

2006 Draft Lottery 編輯

The main prelude to the Draft, the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery, took place on May 23, 2006 in Secaucus, New Jersey. At the draft, the 14 teams which did not make the 2006 playoffs selected the top 14 picks in reverse order of their records, except for the top three picks, which will be selected in the lottery. Statistically, the team with the worst record has the best chance of landing the top pick, the team with the second worst record has the second best chance, and so on. As is the case every year, after the drawing of the top three picks, the remaining 27 first-round draft picks will be assigned to each of the other NBA teams: picks 4 through 14 are assigned to the remaining non-playoff teams (only these teams participate in the lottery for the top three picks) in reverse order of their records, and picks 15 through 30 are assigned to the remaining NBA teams, in reverse order (i.e., the team with the best record will pick 30th). Round two also consists of 30 picks; teams select in reverse order of their records in the second round. The lottery only affects the first round; the team with the worst record has the first pick in the second round, regardless of the lottery results (see NBA Draft for more information).

Teams in the lottery 編輯

The following teams have "qualified" for the draft lottery, by being eliminated from playoff consideration. The NBA held a draw to break ties in the standings . In some cases, the team(s) in question have traded their first-round picks to another team.

Here are the odds for each team to get specific picks in the 2006 lottery (rounded to 3 decimal places):

Team Chances 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th
Blazers 250 .250 .215 .177 .358
Bulls (from Knicks) 199 .199 .188 .171 .319 .124
Bobcats 138 .138 .142 .145 .238 .290 .045
Hawks 137 .137 .142 .145 .085 .323 .156 .013
Raptors 88 .088 .096 .106 .262 .359 .084 .004
Timberwolves 53 .053 .060 .070 .440 .330 .045 .001
Celtics 53 .053 .060 .070 .573 .226 .018 .000
Rockets 23 .023 .027 .032 .725 .184 .009 .000
Warriors 22 .022 .026 .031 .797 .121 .004 .000
Sonics 11 .011 .013 .016 .870 .089 .002 .000
Magic 8 .008 .009 .012 .908 .063 .001 .000
Hornets 7 .007 .008 .010 .935 .039 .000
76ers 6 .006 .007 .009 .960 .018
Jazz 5 .005 .006 .007 .982

Lottery results 編輯

1. Toronto Raptors
2. Chicago Bulls
3. Charlotte Bobcats
4. Portland Trail Blazers
5. Atlanta Hawks
6. Minnesota Timberwolves
7. Boston Celtics
8. Houston Rockets
9. Golden State Warriors
10. Seattle SuperSonics
11. Orlando Magic
12. New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
13. Philadelphia 76ers
14. Utah Jazz

Eligible players 編輯

Eligibility rules 編輯

Unlike drafts in recent years, high school players will not be eligible for selection. The new collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players union establishes a new age limit for draft eligibility.

  • All drafted players, regardless of nationality, must be born on or before December 31, 1987 (i.e., they must be at least 19 years old during the calendar year of the draft).
  • United States players must also be at least one year removed from the graduation of their high school classes.

Projected draftees 編輯

Most reputable mock drafts place the following players near the top (listed alphabetically; players are American unless otherwise indicated):

Armstrong, Carney, Foye, Redick, Roy, and Shelden Williams are college seniors. The other college players listed here are underclassmen who have declared for the draft.

Players had until April 29 to declare for the draft. A player who has not previously withdrawn from the draft and has not hired an agent has until June 18 to withdraw from the draft and retain his college eligibility.

Final draft order 編輯

The final draft order will be determined after the 2005-2006 season concludes, and after any ties are broken, if necessary. Ties which remain after all statistical tiebreakers are applied are broken by coin toss.

Draft results 編輯

Round 1編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/Club Team
1     Toronto Raptors  
2     Chicago Bulls from New York Knicks  
3     Charlotte Bobcats  
4     Portland Trail Blazers  
5     Atlanta Hawks  
6     Minnesota Timberwolves  
7     Boston Celtics  
8     Houston Rockets  
9     Golden State Warriors  
10     Seattle SuperSonics  
11     Orlando Magic  
12     New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets  
13     Philadelphia 76ers  
14     Utah Jazz  
15     New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets from Milwaukee Bucks  
16     Chicago Bulls  
17     Indiana Pacers  
18     Washington Wizards  
19     Sacramento Kings  
20     New York Knicks from Denver Nuggets  
21     Phoenix Suns from Los Angeles Lakers  
22     New Jersey Nets from Los Angeles Clippers  
23     New Jersey Nets  
24     Memphis Grizzlies  
25     Cleveland Cavaliers  
26     Los Angeles Lakers from Miami Heat  
27     Phoenix Suns  
28     Dallas Mavericks  
29     New York Knicks from San Antonio Spurs  
30     Portland Trail Blazers from Detroit Pistons  

Round 2編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/Club Team
31     Portland Trail Blazers  
32     Houston Rockets from New York Knicks  
33     Atlanta Hawks  
34     Los Angeles Clippers from Charlotte Bobcats  
35     Toronto Raptors  
36     Minnesota Timberwolves  
37     Minnesota Timberwolves  
38     Golden State Warriors  
39     Houston Rockets  
40     Seattle SuperSonics  
41     Orlando Magic  
42     Cleveland Cavaliers from Philadelphia 76ers  
43     New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets  
44     Orlando Magic from Milwaukee Bucks  
45     Indiana Pacers  
46     Utah Jazz from Chicago Bulls  
47     Utah Jazz  
48     Washington Wizards  
49     Denver Nuggets  
50     Orlando Magic from Sacramento Kings  
51     Los Angeles Lakers  
52     Los Angeles Clippers  
53     Seattle SuperSonics from Memphis Grizzlies  
54     New Jersey Nets  
55     Cleveland Cavaliers  
56     Toronto Raptors from Miami Heat  
57     Minnesota Timberwolves from Phoenix Suns  
58     Dallas Mavericks  
59     San Antonio Spurs  
60     Detroit Pistons  

Draft day trades 編輯

The following trades involving 2006 draft picks, or drafted players, have been made pending the initial publication of the draft order, up to and including the day of the 2006 NBA Draft.

(none so far)

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