2001 NBA Draft27 June 2001New York City, New York

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Kwame Brown became the first high school player to be drafted number one overall in draft history. He has since been labeled a bust, as his play with the Washington Wizards and latter LA Lakers has been unimpressive at times but, finally decided to show what made him number 1 towards the end of the 05-06 season. This has been called by the Washington Times as the worst draft ever.

Round 1編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/HS/Club Team
1 Kwame Brown (F/C) 模板:USA Washington Wizards Glynn Academy HS (Brunswick, GA)
2 Tyson Chandler (PF) 模板:USA Los Angeles Clippers (traded to Chicago Bulls) Dominguez HS (Compton, CA)
3 Pau Gasol (PF) 模板:ESP Atlanta Hawks (traded to Vancouver for Shareef Abdur-Rahim) FC Barcelona (Spanish league)
4 Eddy Curry (C) 模板:USA Chicago Bulls Thornwood HS (South Holland, IL)
5 Jason Richardson (SG) 模板:USA Golden State Warriors Michigan State
6 Shane Battier (F/G) 模板:USA Vancouver Grizzlies Duke
7 Eddie Griffin (F) 模板:USA New Jersey Nets (traded to Houston) Seton Hall
8 DeSagana Diop (C) 模板:SEN Cleveland Cavaliers (signed as free agent by the Dallas on August 19 2005) Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, VA)
9 Rodney White (SF) 模板:USA Detroit Pistons Charlotte
10 Joe Johnson (SG) 模板:USA Boston Celtics Arkansas
11 Kedrick Brown (SF) 模板:USA Boston Celtics (from Denver) Okaloosa-Walton CC
12 Vladimir Radmanovic (PF) 模板:YUG (S.-M.) Seattle SuperSonics (traded to LA Clippers on February 14, 2006 for PF Chris Wilcox) FMP Zeleznik (Yugoslavia)
13 Richard Jefferson (SF) 模板:USA Houston Rockets (traded to New Jersey) Arizona
14 Troy Murphy (PF) 模板:USA Golden State Warriors (from Indiana) Notre Dame
15 Steven Hunter (C) 模板:USA Orlando Magic DePaul
16 Kirk Haston (PF) 模板:USA Charlotte Hornets Indiana
17 Michael Bradley (PF) 模板:USA Toronto Raptors Villanova
18 Jason Collins (C) 模板:USA Houston Rockets (from New York via Phoenix and Orlando) Stanford
19 Zach Randolph (PF) 模板:USA Portland Trail Blazers Michigan State
20 Brendan Haywood (C) 模板:USA Cleveland Cavaliers (from Miami, traded to Orlando) North Carolina
21 Joseph Forte (SG) 模板:USA Boston Celtics (from Phoenix) North Carolina
22 Jeryl Sasser (SG) 模板:USA Orlando Magic (from Milwaukee via Houston) SMU
23 Brandon Armstrong (SG) 模板:USA Houston Rockets (from Dallas via Orlando, traded to New Jersey) Pepperdine
24 Raul Lopez (PG) 模板:ESP Utah Jazz Real Madrid (Spanish league)
25 Gerald Wallace (SF) 模板:USA Sacramento Kings Alabama
26 Samuel Dalembert (C) 模板:HAI Philadelphia 76ers Seton Hall
27 Jamaal Tinsley (PG) 模板:USA Vancouver Grizzlies (from L.A. Lakers via New York) Iowa State
28 Tony Parker (PG) 模板:FRA San Antonio Spurs Paris Basket Racing (French league)

* Note: The Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their first-round pick due to salary cap violations.

Round 2編輯

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team College/HS/Club Team
30 Trenton Hassell (SG) 模板:USA Chicago Bulls Austin Peay
31 Gilbert Arenas (PG) 模板:USA Golden State Warriors (signed as free agent by the Washington Wizards on August 8 2003) Arizona
32 Omar Cook (PG) 模板:USA Orlando Magic (from Washington, traded to Denver) St. John's
33 Will Solomon (PG) 模板:USA Vancouver Grizzlies Clemson
34 Terence Morris (SF) 模板:USA Atlanta Hawks (traded to Houston) Maryland
35 Brian Scalabrine (PF) 模板:USA New Jersey Nets USC
36 Jeff Trepagnier (SG) 模板:USA Cleveland Cavaliers USC
37 Damone Brown (SF) 模板:USA Philadelphia 76ers (from L.A. Clippers) Syracuse
38 Mehmet Okur (C/F) 模板:TUR Detroit Pistons Tofas Bursa (Turkish league)
39 Michael Wright (PF) 模板:USA New York Knicks (from Boston through Seattle) Arizona
40 Earl Watson (PG) 模板:USA Seattle SuperSonics UCLA
41 Jamison Brewer (PG) 模板:USA Indiana Pacers Auburn
42 Bobby Simmons (F/G) 模板:USA Seattle SuperSonics DePaul
43 Eric Chenowith (C) 模板:USA New York Knicks (from Seattle) Kansas
44 Kyle Hill (PG) 模板:USA Dallas Mavericks (from Houston) Eastern Illinois
45 Sean Lampley (SF) 模板:USA Chicago Bulls (from Charlotte) California
46 Loren Woods (C) 模板:USA Minnesota Timberwolves Arizona
47 Ousmane Cisse (PF) 模板:MLI Denver Nuggets (from Toronto) St. Jude HS (Montgomery, AL)
48 Antonis Fotsis (SF) 模板:GRE Vancouver Grizzlies (from New York) Panathinaikos (Greece)
49 Ken Johnson (C) 模板:USA Miami Heat Ohio State
50 Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje (C) 模板:CMR Portland Trail Blazers Georgetown
51 Alton Ford (PF) 模板:USA Phoenix Suns Houston
52 Andre Huston (PF) 模板:USA Milwaukee Bucks Michigan State
53 Jarron Collins (F/C) 模板:USA Utah Jazz Stanford
54 Kenny Satterfield (PG) 模板:USA Dallas Mavericks Cincinnati
55 Maurice Jeffers (SG) 模板:USA Sacramento Kings Saint Louis
56 Robertas Javtokas (SF) 模板:LTU San Antonio Spurs (from L.A. Lakers) Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuanian league)
57 Alvin Jones (C) 模板:LUX Philadelphia 76ers Georgia Tech
58 Bryan Bracey (SF) 模板:USA San Antonio Spurs Oregon

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All players are Americans unless otherwise mentioned.

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